I am a professional interior designer. This is a large part of my work, which I have been doing for a long time and professionally. I strive to create an interior in which it will be as comfortable as possible for its inhabitants, which will inspire and inspire residents to new achievements. Thus it turns out "portrait of the owner", created in collaboration with its owners. And when I stay alone with myself, there is a great desire to create my own “portrait”, a feeling of my own world, through photography, painting, watercolor and many natural materials and experiments. A camera is always with me - it is a hobby that brings a lot of joy and pleasure. From my travels, I bring a lot of impressions, photographs and natural material: shells, tree branches and bark, leaves, flowers and much more. I like to experiment with different materials and textures, combine them in unexpected combinations. And the most pleasant thing to work with natural materials, which each have their own energy. I especially love to experiment when something new is spontaneously born, completely unexpected, but recognizable and very close to you. The process of creating my paintings is a rest for me. I am inspired by nature, the sea, flowers, sky, clouds. I love to look at nature. In my pictures, I again experience these emotions. I really like the experiments. When I paint in watercolor, I love the effects of flowing water. When I experiment with plants, I like to find new combinations and textures. You never know what will happen at the end! And it is beautiful!

22.10.2009 "City Poetry" Exhibition Hall of the Sanatorium "Barvikha" Moscow, Russia
5-14.03.2010 "Flowers of Spring" State. Exhibition Hall "Khodynka" Moscow, Russia
18.06-01.07.2010 "Memories of Spring" Exhibition Hall "Polis Dream" Moscow, Russia
4-7.11.2010 Festival "Joy of Creativity" Mall Gallery shopping center, Moscow, Russia
24-27.03.2011 Festival "Joy of Creativity" Mall Gallery shopping center, Moscow, Russia
24.07.2014 "See Me" Times Squere, New York City. USA 
13.07.2015  "See Me" Closed Show. Louvre Paris. France 
08-15.11.2015 "1st place in the XVIII international exhibition-competition of contemporary art "Russian Art Week" Artplay Moscow, Russia
16-24.01.2016 "1st place in the XIX international exhibition-competition of contemporary art" Russian Art Week "Central House of Artists Moscow, Russia
24.05-05.06.2016  "3rd place in the international exhibition-competition of contemporary art" Art Week of Slovenia "Ljubljana. Slovenia
10-12.05.2017 "Golden Ring of Russia. 50 years anniversary" Gostiny Dvor. Moscow. Russia
15-19.05.2017 "3rd place in the international exhibition-competition of contemporary art" Art Week of Slovenia "Ljubljana. Slovenia
21-24.07.2017 "Art Festival near Pierre Cardin" Lacoste, France
02.2018 "Art exhibition in Venice" Venice. Ital
07-12.03.2018 Laureate of the 1st degree of the "Festival of Abstraction" in the Moscow House of Artists. Moscow. Russia
08-10.05.2018 Laureate of 1 degree in the All-Russian project "Russian Art Award" Artplay Moscow, Russia
7-17.06.2018 "Selfie D"artista" Castello Doria. Dolceacqua. Italia
18-21.07.2018 "Ru sses"a exhibitionof arts la coste" Lacoste, France
05-07.11.2018 Laureate of 1 degree in the All-Russian project "Russian Art Award" Moscow, Russia
15-24.11.2018 "Selfie D"artista" Dorsoduro. Venice. Italia
14-16.12.2018 "Talents of Russia" Gostiny Dvor. Moscow, Russia
13-22.02.2019 "The Venice guests" Venice. Italia 

21-30.06.2019 Laureate of 1 degree in project "Russian Art in Copenhagen"

25-29.09.2019 Affordable Art Fair NYC

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